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Testimonials by clients of Trance Medium Dwanna Paul

“I just wanted to say thank you for the experience yesterday. I came into this completely skeptical because my brain tends to function that way. But hearing the things you said about my mom and my dogs just blew me away. It was a very emotional experience for me and I still can’t quite wrap my head around it. But I wanted to say thank you.”


“I was one of nine women who were exploring Mediumship with Dwanna Paul, a Trance Medium who had been working in this field for over 40 years. It was our last workshop in a series and the topic that night was on Physical Phenomena. She asked us if anyone had experienced Table Tapping before and I was one who hadn’t.

“The idea is to call the energy from the Spirit world to join us while we sat at a round plastic table. When the energy is present then you would hear a tapping sound and in some cases the table would move or rock.

“The participants sit around the table in a completely darkened room with no ambient light of any kind, and place their hands lightly on the surface of the table, adding no pressure. The first group went and I like the others heard what sounded like tapping about ten minutes after we had started, and then later like the table had sprouted legs and started walking around.

“I found myself to be a bit scared and excited at the same time and also skeptical as well. When my turn came I was directed to the table and sat down, placing my hands lightly on the table. A few minutes later it was like the table became possessed of energy and started moving and rocking.

“I started screaming and trying to move back from it and it literally lifted right over me and went straight up to the ceiling and started tapping on the ceiling. I now was holding on for dear life as the energy felt like it was pulling me off my feet. As far as I could tell in the dark that was surrounding me, the other three women were holding on as well.

“At one point when it came down again I threw my exhausted body over it mainly to keep it from moving and what I felt underneath me felt like a car would feel if you were lying on top of the hood while it was idling. At one point it almost seemed like it would move again even with me on top of it. That shook me to my core and made me see in the most clear and direct way that we are all connected to the energy of the universes and that it is impersonal as well.

“Wow is all I can say and for anyone who has read this far I now know for sure that the Truth is inside every one of us and We Are Not Alone! What we are capable of when we get outside our finite small minded thinking is absolutely mind blowing and I mean that literally.

“What I know about reality changed when an inert plastic table danced on the ceiling over my head! Be open to the impossible being possible!”

L. H.

“During a Circle of Lights, you had said that mom kept singing “Hark the Herald Angles Sing.” While she did enjoy the holidays and collected angels….it still wasn’t quite resonating with me. I took that bit of information home and filed it away in my mind. I woke up this past Sunday with a start and in almost a panic. I had this overwhelming sense that there was SOMETHING I needed to figure out…about mom’s funeral, what we had her dressed in, SOMETHING. It was  an overwhelming feeling of urgency to figure out what I was trying to remember! All of a sudden, it dawned on me that the night of mom’s visitation, I had placed a tiny metal box (no bigger than a thimble) decorated like a Christmas package in mom’s hands to stay with her. Inside of it were three tiny metal angels. The gift card that came with the tiny box told the story of the famous song “Hark the Herald Angels Sing!” I am certain mom was trying to convey through you that she knew I had placed that little box of angels in her hands as one last Christmas present!! Thank you so much for this amazing memory!!!”

T. J.

“My family and I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely fantastic reading yesterday. We listened to it again today and were struck by how very accurately you read Becky’s mom. I know it brought solace to her as she has grieved her passing deeply.

“I hope you feel so good about your calling and how much comfort and peace you bring to so many loved ones who have lost family members and friends. Our best to you this spring and for the rest the year– we will keep your telephone number on speed dial.”


“There were some things that you picked up with me, and shared with me, and I really appreciate you for doing so. Just to clarify, Alice was/is GREAT Grandmother like you said. This was quite the experience for me and my daughters, and the impression that you’ve left is one of accuracy, profound intellect, warmth, and love.”
R. J.

“I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. So much of the session was accurate, no way you could have known ANY of that. I’m not sure how your readings usually go, but for me, it was an amazing experience.”

“That was the best reading I have ever had. I liked everything about it. It was everything I asked for from my guides. Anyhow I just loved it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!”

“The message from my grandmother was that I needed to get the word out about what I’m doing.”

“It was such a long-awaited session … you just can’t know how much it meant.”

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful circle last week. I’m looking forward to coming back to circle again. I have really missed it and found that it is something that I need.”

“I was fortunate enough to meet you and experience your magnificent abilities … since that day, a new avenue of life has sprung forth. Thank you … for everything you have shown me.”

“The private circle you held for my family was outstanding. The fact that you gave us the names of my mother, grandmother, uncle, and even my sister’s mother-in-law (all now passed on), plus messages from each of them that concerned things only they would have known, was truly amazing. It was proof they must be around us more than we ever know!”

“There are a lot of things you said yesterday that are now making sense. “Cat” duh, he was talking about Sammie his cat that is all alone. It was right when you were talking about his stepsister… I have some peace that I desperately wanted to have.”

“I enjoyed the circle so much last night and appreciate your gifts.”

“I would like to thank you for my reading last Thursday for my birthday… I was grateful that my mom came thru as well as the spirit that now lives with us…”

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