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Dwanna has been a trance medium since childhood and over the past 35 years has been bringing healing and comfort to people around the world with her messages from the spirit dimensions.

She started channeling and doing healings professionally in the ‘70s and has continued ever since. Over the years, she has enhanced her mediumship ability through practice and study. She attended the renowned Arthur Findley School of mediumship at the Standsted, UK College and was a part-time resident and guest medium at Camp Chesterfield, Indiana, a part of the Indiana Spiritualist Association. As well as doing readings there, she also taught spiritual healing, psychometry, and mediumship development.

In the early 90s, Dwanna was holding circles and doing readings in her home, but she soon reached overflow capacity and decided something had to be changed. So, in the mid-90s, she established a spiritual center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area called “Circles of Light.” The center offered weekly circles open to the public, private readings, healings, development classes, and yoga. During this time, the first “spirit” lights were seen during the circles.

After five years, Dwanna closed the center and started traveling, doing readings, holding seminars, and speaking at conferences across the U.S. and Europe. She has an international reputation having done readings for people in China, Brazil, Japan, Scotland and London, to mention a few.

Her paranormal investigations have led to appearances on many television programs, including “A Current Affair,” “Sightings,” “Weird Travels” (on the Travel Channel) as well as a special entitled “Haunted Lives” for CBS that has also aired on the Sci-Fi channel.

Currently, she has returned to the Dallas area and is once again holding circles, teaching classes and doing readings – both in person and over the phone. Once again lights are being seen in the circles and have been caught on cameras with night vision capability. She is researching these lights and other paranormal events, continuing to follow her passion in hope of verifying and providing proof of the existence of life after death and the spirit worlds.

Call   972-735-8188   Email   Dwanna Paul    Dallas, Plano, Richardson and the World


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