Walk in Light

Energy Balancing

Frequency has a place in the science of energy. My Energy Balancing practice follows applied concepts of energy healing and subtle anatomy in both hands-on and hands-off modes.

The notion of energy healing relates to life force, universal energy and cellular vitality. Each of us live with many lifetimes of “stuff” that include traumas, emotions and illnesses evident through symptoms such as stress, headaches, pain and inflammation.

Energy balancing shifts the energies of these blockages and imbalances. It can also help clear stagnated energies that collect at various locations in both the physical body and energy field.

Stress can impact personal wellness leading to lack of focus, physical concerns and emotional issues. Energy balancing offers a wonderful option for stress reduction with potential to address physical, mental and emotional concerns.

The goal of my practice is simple: to analyze each client`s needs based on biofeedback frequencies.

What My Clients are Saying About Energy Balancing

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for what you have done for me. Your work changed my life. I would love to do another session with you. You are an Angel.” DA

“My inguinal hernia shrank down to almost nothing. The surgery I was to undergo for repair has been cancelled. Everything happened in a matter of two weeks after our appointment!” RI

“My depression lifted. My tears are few. The pains in my stomach and foot have gone for now!” DT

“My acute spinal pain has subsided. I will continue to follow through with my medical care (even though I feel better and my old habits of just sitting without any real exercise have ended!). I’m now walking and stretching muscles!”  DP

“I can feel the energy field somehow has changed. I can feel how your work is balancing my aura.” AB