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At the Haunted Catfish Plantation

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Tom and Melissa Baker founded the Catfish Plantation in 1984 after tiring of the corporate world and wanting to settle down in a small quiet town. They had a dream and that dream came true when they stumbled across this vine-covered house at 814 Water St. There was something magical in this old dilapidated house.

The 1895 Victorian structure had been the home of three previous restaurants. Having been left vacant for several years, the location was the worst possible location for a business, but the Bakers were drawn to this house.

Shortly after opening for business, strange and unexplained events began happening. One morning Melissa found clean coffee cups stacked inside the large tea urn that had been mysteriously placed on the floor. Several weeks later a fresh pot of coffee was awaiting her arrival. She had the only key to the restaurant.

Employees and customers began having unexplained experiences. One of the fry cooks experienced baskets levitating over the deep fryer; another employee leaving one night saw a blue light glowing from the window. One night, one waitress’s husband came late to pick her up and on their way back to their car a young woman wearing what looked like a wedding dress appeared in the front window and then simply disappeared.

After having parapsychologist Dwanna Paul and her team of experts visit the restaurant, it was determined that the restaurant was indeed haunted by three possible spirits, Caroline, Will and Elizabeth. All had died in the house and had lived at the location at different times. They each carry their own characteristics. Caroline is known to throw things, especially in the kitchen area. She does not like anyone in her house as she still feels she is the woman of the house.

Will, who was a farmer, likes to flirt with the ladies by putting his hand on their knee, resulting in some ladies feeling cold spots on their knee. He has also been known to move salt and pepper shakers around on tables that have been set for customers. Elizabeth, who was murdered on her wedding day by a jealous ex-lover, will periodically appear in the front window in her wedding dress.

As a result of the many occurrences that have happened at the Catfish Plantation, many news media had contacted the Bakers to do stories on the restaurant. Some of the publicity has included local TV news affiliates, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

The restaurant has been on national television shows; “A Current Affair,” “Ocurrio Asi” (a Spanish speaking international show aired in Mexico, South America and Spain), “Good Morning Texas,” and the 2003 fall season premier of “King of the Hill.” In 2006, Texas Highways magazine’s Peoples Choice Award voted Catfish Plantation one of the top ten favorite catfish restaurants in the state of Texas.

Visit the Catfish Plantation at 814 Water Street in Waxahachie, Texas  (Tel: 972-937-9468) for the best in Cajun-spiced seafood and a haunted atmosphere you won’t soon forget.

Winter Calendar: Bluffton Events Featuring Trance Medium Dwanna Paul

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Winter Program Descriptions

Tarot Card Workshop: Receive Spirit’s message using the ancient method of card divination featuring predictive oracle cards.

Circle of Lights: Communicate with spiritual energies in other dimensions.  Click Here for More Info.

Healing with the Angels: Experience the gifts of healing through the direction and influence of Spiritual Beings. Relieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disease. Click Here for More Info.

Dates: Bluffton, SC

December 2018

6 Holiday Tea and Talk

12 Dinner with a Trance Medium @The Cottage

15 Holiday Shaman’s Way

19 Dinner with a Trance Medium @The Cottage

Unless otherwise listed, all Bluffton, SC, events to be held at Gathering Wisdom Center, 12 Palmetto Way Bluffton, SC, 29910. See Gathering Wisdom Events Calendar for more details.

Call For Appointments: 972 735 8188


Apports Between Unseen Worlds

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A medium is a channel.

A medium stands between the unseen worlds of spirit and the physical world and becomes that conduit of energy. It’s sort of like a radio. We’re on that frequency of spirit where we attune to the spirit world and bring through evidential information that would identity a spirit loved one, or a spirit of light, or one that comes through, such as a healer from the spirit world. We call them spirit doctors who come into the circles and visit and offer their healing energy to the group.

In the classes that I have, the Sixth Sense Development Classes, they come into the class with curiosity first of all and it helps them to understand that there is something beyond the third dimensional level, (life after death, if you want to call it that). And it helps them to reason in their mind that death is a natural process and it’s just a step going beyond the physical into the other unseen dimensions of life. As they learn in the classes, they learn to connect and be that medium, or psychic, or they use it in their everyday life to guide them. They work with their spirit team, they have exercises that help them to identify and to validate what they’re receiving with one another. The classes are real high energy and students are really excited about learning.

Phenomena circles are considered to be sort of that area that some mediums don’t work with. In the phenomena circles, we’re attempting to create enough energy in the circle to bring about phenomena such as materialization of spirit, light orbs, apportation (which is gifts from spirit). We are using our energies as a conduit. With spirit’s energy mixed with that they’re able to create phenomena on the physical side of life, where it’s very visible, or you can feel it or sense it.

Apports have additional meaning beyond the physical qualities of the objects that appear. In the past we’ve had crystals that were apported with the dirt or the clay that they came from still on the crystals. We’ve had two coins that were sent through from spirit. They were Liberty Half Dollars. They were on two people’s birth years. It was very exciting to have a Liberty Half Dollar come into the circle. And we’ve had a couple of quarters. It seems to be that spirit can find coins anywhere because they don’t take the coins from anyone. They don’t hoist them out of any bank or anything like that. There’s a lot of lost coins so they’re able to apport that into the phenomena circles. When you hear of this, it’s usually pennies, quarters, nickels – it’s quite often not silver half dollars, so that was interesting.

They’re like “beyond the normal”, so they’re supernormal, they’re out of the ordinary. What we’re seeing is actually at a different vibratory rate. It’s all around us, the lines of energy, the masses of energy are all there and they’re unseen. It’s much like the electricity in the air. If you flip a switch on and you have electricity, the lights come on, or the TV comes on. If you see a thunderstorm and see the lightning, the lightning already exists but the because of the fact that it has a conduit, or something represent that electricity, you’re able to see it or feel it or hear it. Like a clap of thunder, it’s there. That’s the energy, the electricity that exists all around us. It’s just that our senses are not always aligned for that. By working through classes or if you have some natural ability to work with mediumship you open that sixth sense and beyond to interact with those unseen energies. It’s always helpful in your life. This is a way of actually reaching out to the spiritual self in a much deeper way.

[Originally published in the Trance Report for March 2, 2012]