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How ‘Healing with the Angels’ Came to Bluffton, SC

I once received a vision in which I was given direction from Spirit more than three years ago. That vision informed me of the necessity to begin leading a healing event in a space where a beautiful atmosphere could be created, one that was large enough to accommodate an audience. That event is called “Healing with the Angels” and takes place twice a month at Just Be Centre in Bluffton, S.C.

The vision that spirit revealed seemed a bit odd to me at the time because it involved “Laying on Hands” and not my usual way of conducting a healing.

Three or more years seemed to go by without more communication about the healing evening until December, 2015. The holiday season was in full swing when I heard Spirit say, “It’s time to schedule the healing event and to name it “Healing with the Angels.””

I didn’t delay. I called Nan at Just Be Centre and told her that I was ready for whatever Spirit had in store. The room was prepared with relaxing candles, soft music and an overall feeling of calm as Spirit imbued the room with the smell of roses.

30 people arrived that evening. Upon entering there were many comments about a serene atmosphere that seemed to pervade the room. The healing ceremony then began.

A brief meditation called in Angels. Audience members were invited to sit in a chair at the front of the room one a time. I then placed my hands on their shoulders and forehead. Upon my doing so they seemed to drift into a peaceful blissful and relaxed state.

They drifted slowly laying down or remaining seated for what seemed like a long time in that deep altered state. Five healing assistants dressed in all-white attended to the needs of each person who received a healing. Those who did not to come up to the designated healing chair but remained in audience received healing energy from where they were seated.

Five months have now passed since that first evening. I sense it has now evolved into a space where higher frequency healing energy is shared. People are reporting how they feel more relaxed; that knee and shoulder and back pain they had carried for years has eased. Some people are seeing white or purple lights, having visions and experiencing the scent of roses. Others claim no chest pains (after three years of unexplainable conditions) and the release of emotional pain when those experiencing grief attend.

As I mentioned before, a state of bliss can occur for the person receiving a healing. We like to leave them sitting in the healing chair or guide them to a cozy massage table where they can continue in their relaxed state of body and mind. Participants are carefully monitored during their journey by the healing assistants, Diane, Carol, Karen, Barbara and Jen. We also accept written prayer requests for healing of family and friends. Participants write these upon entry which are then placed in our lovely stone angel’s hands.

Be sure to check my Spring Calendar for the next “Healing with the Angels” in Bluffton, S.C. Come and find out what the excitement’s all about. I hope to see you there!

Trance Medium: A unique occupation in Hilton Head

For over 35 years, Dwanna Paul says she “has gone into an altered state of consciousness to access the world of spirit or other like dimensions.” But, with an otherworldly talent like hers, her résumé isn’t limited to the number of years she’s worked professionally. “As a child, I was very sensitive and saw spirits and thought everyone else did too,” Paul said. “Then as a teenager, I was the one people dared to go to the graveyard.”

Dwanna Paul in Hiton HeadAs an adult, the supernatural continues to fascinate Paul. “I find hauntings, clearings, and blessings so interesting—so much fun,” she said. Mediumship training for her was a gradual, exploratory process. In her 20s, she studied new age practices such as massage, holistic healing, Reiki and polarity. She also “took classes on how to focus her mind and was educated by spirit,” she said.

Now, Paul has a team of spirits to assist her and her clients. These guides have names, personalities and jobs to do, too. They include her Native American guide, Two Bear, and the joyful crossover entity she calls Joy. On the phone or in person, she channels them, and with their help, Paul finds “great happiness in seeing spiritual healing take place, especially when it is a parent who has lost a child.” Taking an introspective pause, Paul added, “I watched the emotional transformation of a mom who lost her son 14 years ago. His spirit described the landscape on the other side and how he watched and wanted to help his family members.” Paul was able to provide an invaluable service that day—closure for a grieving parent.

“The more I see, the more it fuels my passion. If you are not working with your passion, you are missing out on the joys of your life,” said Paul, who also believes we all have guides we should listen to. “We all get signals around us such as feelings or sensations, and we need to take note of them.”

[Originally published in Celebrate Hilton Head for August 2014]