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Circle of Lights

Call 972.735.8188 for reservations. No checks or credit cards will be accepted, so please bring the exact amount quoted in cash.

“During a Circle of Lights, you had said that mom kept singing “Hark the Herald Angles Sing.” While she did enjoy the holidays and collected angels….it still wasn’t quite resonating with me. I took that bit of information home and filed it away in my mind. I woke up this past Sunday with a start and in almost a panic. I had this overwhelming sense that there was SOMETHING I needed to figure out…about mom’s funeral, what we had her dressed in, SOMETHING. It was  an overwhelming feeling of urgency to figure out what I was trying to remember! All of a sudden, it dawned on me that the night of mom’s visitation, I had placed a tiny metal box (no bigger than a thimble) decorated like a Christmas package in mom’s hands to stay with her. Inside of it were three tiny metal angels. The gift card that came with the tiny box told the story of the famous song “Hark the Herald Angels Sing!” I am certain mom was trying to convey through you that she knew I had placed that little box of angels in her hands as one last Christmas present!! Thank you so much for this amazing memory!!!”

T. J.

The purpose of a “Circle of Lights” is to communicate with spiritual energies in other dimensions. This communication may take many forms. It may be a fragrance, a touch, a light, or a message conveyed by one of the members of the circle.

It takes place in a comfortable, dark room in a relaxing atmosphere. No cell phones are allowed! Everyone takes a seat in the circle and Dwanna leads a group meditation that merges the energy and invites the various spirit entities into the circle. Loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and healing energies are all welcomed and asked to communicate.

Since the circle creates a highly charged energy field, it is conducive to producing physical phenomena such as spirit orbs, spirit lights, noises, or even a tangible substance called ectoplasm. This mist or spider-web-like material is thought to be used to create a form that a spirit can then shape, move about in, and be seen by everyone in the circle.

Healers from the spirit realm are also asked to bring emotional, spiritual, and physical healing to those who request it. Many people have reported a feeling of well being when the circle is finished.

Everyone is encouraged to give and receive messages during the circle and to report anything they may experience. It is also the perfect time for spirit helpers or guides to work with you to refine your communication skills and psychic abilities. The circle is a sacred space of loving energy … so, we ask everyone to come with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Typical “Circle of Lights” Agenda:
• Opening of the circle
• Prayer and request for protection
• Guided meditation
• Participants practice giving and receiving messages from spirit
• Closing prayer blessing the participants and sending love to the earth

Shoes are not permitted past the door, so you may want to bring socks and a warm throw, if you tend to be cold natured. Open beverage containers are not allowed in the circle room; however, you can bring in bottled water as long as it has a sealed top. Please no fragrances!!

The doors open at 7:00 p.m. and are closed promptly at 7:30 p.m. when the circle begins. Once the circle starts, no one is allowed to leave until it has been closed.

Please call for reservations early to ensure your place in the circle — they tend to fill up quickly!